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Paper: 13 euros (IVA inclòs) ebook: 8,17 euros (IVA inclòs)

Sairica Rose
One of us is invisible

Tria Poetry, 5
Anglès. 98 pàgines. 11 x 17,5 cm. Primera edició. 2011
Il·lustració de coberta: Layil Umbralux

Sairica Rose - One of us is invisible

Sairica Rose has proved herself a consummate stylist and intrepid voyager through the dark underworlds: her first collection Subtitles for a Silent Movie brought her poet’s laurels in abundance.

In her second book of poems she turns outward to the teeming world around her.

She has spotted so much on the move, divined so many hidden portents, blown so many people’s cover, shot such action through a shattered lens and set down all the glinting shards indelibly.

Here is a poet the world will be reading for a long time, who has captured its fevered image in a form more durable than brass. – From the Presentation by Christopher Hood.

Why do we publish it?

Sometimes a voice can reach with ease the reader and show its uniqueness. That’s what happened upon reading Sairica Rose’s first book, Subtitles for a silent movie, and even more what happened when getting this new material together.

It was just obvious: the book had to be published, and in a format that made justice to the words. Fortunately, Layil had already illustrated her previous book, and when she offered to do the illustrations for One of Us is Invisible it was clear the result would be exceptional.

Now that you have the book in your hands, you can say if we were right.

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